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how do i use my hanni weighted razor step-by-step?

wait! we’re not like other razors.here are five things you must know before you use your hanni weighted razor for the first time to avoid nicks or cuts:. 1. prep skin.apply shave pillow before shaving. shave pillow is super hydrating and absorbs quic

how do I replace my blades?

we made it easy! simply twist the knob to open the cap (the top where the blade goes in). then grab your blades by the short edges as you place them in your weighted razor, twist and close. make sure to recycle them in your blade bin when finished.

how do I clean my razor / blades?

while you don't need water to shave, make sure to use warm soapy water to clean your weighted razor each time you replace your blade. clean your hanni weighted razor by opening the butterfly cap, removing and recycling the blade, then rinse empty raz

how often should I change the blades?

depends on how often you shave! you should change your blade after 4-6 uses to give you the closest smoothest shave and prevent irritation and razor burn.

how do I use the shave pillow?

to use your shave pillow, simply apply by gliding the stick across the area you wish to shave, shave with your hanni weighted razor, rub in any extra product to help protect skin and go! the shave pillow is the first shave gel designed to be use with

how do I install my in-shower holder?

to install your in-shower holder first clean the area of the shower wall you want it to hang, then remove backing, stick to wall and push and hold for 30 seconds. this is a one time use product so make sure you know where you want it before you stick

can I really shave out of the shower?

yes! the shave pillow has a glycerin-based formula which has incredible hydrating properties that allow for a shower-less shave. To shave out the shower make sure to. Prep the skin—to prep skin for shaving, apply shave pillow liberally until you get

will I cut myself?

we designed hanni with safety in mind, meticulously searching for the perfect balance of blade aggressivity and exposure, to give you the smoothest shave possible while helping to prevent nicks and cuts. however, it's important to remember that you c

how to avoid razor burn?

We are not like other razors—our blades are sharper than you think. To avoid razor burn, make sure to prep your skin with shave pillow or your favorite shave product. shave pillow is super hydrating and absorbs quickly into the skin, so make sure to

tips to get a close shave?

1. ExfoliateGentle exfoliation is a great way to get rid of any dead skin cells and impurities prior to shaving and therefore supporting a super close shave. This is also a great step to add to your routine especially if you have in-growns or KP, as