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can I really shave out of the shower?Updated 10 months ago

yes! the shave pillow has a glycerin-based formula which has incredible hydrating properties that allow for a shower-less shave

To shave out the shower make sure to

Prep the skin—to prep skin for shaving, apply shave pillow liberally until you get a creamy, balmy texture on your skin

Shave in small sections and prep the skin with shave pillow until you get a creamy consistency. make sure to apply section by section, as you shave.

Glide—don’t press your hanni weighted razor gently along your skin using slow, short strokes to avoid nicks or cuts.

Go extra slow on bone-y areas, such as knees and ankles.

Switch to the other side of your hanni razor as it fills up with hair and rinse as you shave. when done shaving, rub in the moisturizing formula for smooth, glowing skin

Use as a body moisturizer keep an extra in your bag or car to use as a body moisturizing stick on-the-go

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