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cocoon cleanse

Is cocoon cleanse safe to use on sensitive skin?

the formula is clinically proven to be safe for sensitive skin, but we always recommend consulting your derm for any specific concerns.

can I use cocoon cleanse on my face?

we developed cocoon cleanse for the body. it has not been tested for use on the face.

where does the pink color of cocoon cleanse come from?

pink is the natural hue of gardenia, a key antiseptic ingredient with detox properties that helps to rinse away harmful bacteria. it's not a dye!

what makes cocoon cleanse different from soap?

cocoon cleanse is a concentrated, serum cleanser with a rich lather. skin is left supple and moisturized, without the tightness or residue that many bar soaps often leave behind. our formula has a pH of 5.5, dermatologist and gynecologist-approved to