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how do i recycle/dispose of hanni products and packaging?Updated a year ago

we're so glad you asked! making sure our packaging is made from sustainable materials is a top priority for hanni, and we're constantly striving to improve sustainability efforts throughout our business model.

in general, for most product packaging:

- the branded box it comes in is curbside recyclable and can be disposed of with your paper recycling.

- other packaging fill material is also curbside recyclable.

- the splash salve jar and lid are 100% aluminum and can be recycled curbside with your cans. make sure you rinse/wipe it out first!


- weighted razor: the molded insert holding the razor is made of sugarcane fiber, so it's a totally renewable resource. you can toss it into your compost bin - or throw it away, and it will biodegrade within 1-3 months.

- shave pillow: the container is 100% PCR, so it's not virgin plastic. it is not curbside recyclable, but we are working on a refillable component for shave pillow so that in the future it may be reused.

- shower scarf: remove the non-recyclable plastic window from the box. then the box may be disposed of with your paper recycling.

- water balm: 

  • the bottle: check your local guidelines for information on whether dark-colored glass bottles can be recycled curbside. 
  • the plastic mister assembly: this is not curbside recyclable due to its size. however, sephora has partnered with the pact collective to offer collection bins in all locations for small components, so they can be repurposed rather than going to landfill. just drop off the mister along with your empty makeup palettes and toothpaste tubes the next time you're at sephora!

non-formulated products:

- blades & blade bin: safely store your used blades in our blade bin, which can hold at least a year's worth of blades. then when it's full, toss the whole container in with your household metal recyclables.

- pebble dish: made of 100% diatomaceous earth, which is a sustainable, biodegradable, renewable resource. just toss it in your compost bin!

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